Tough Love for All American Christians

It’s time for some tough love for some of you. Magical thinking is *dangerous*. Burn your bibles for fuck’s sake and find a science book. It’s all fake anyway, and it’s a threat to our very safety.

I refuse to live in a theocracy, and your excuses and rationalizations are PART. OF. THE. PROBLEM.

This is not a matter of my opinion vs. yours. This is a matter of me accepting that remarkable people who are smarter than both of us have clear and convincing answers about our world.

I’m not going to single out the evangelicals as a strategy to not piss off non-evangelicals. It’s ALL fake and if you identify as any denomination at all, you’re admitting to accepting some astonishingly embarrassing ignorance. Like cringe-worthy, unsettling nonsense.…

Bum Wine Tasting Party

Bum Wine Tasting Party

I found this site,, a number of years ago, and it gave me a great idea to have a bum wine tasting party. For over five years, I’ve been threatening to hold such a party.

I don’t know how widely known this is, but it turns out that a lot of these “wines” are produced by established, reputable wineries, but they don’t necessarily want you to know that. Night Train, for example, is a product of E. & J. Gallo Winery. The label on a bottle of Night Train makes no mention of Gallo. It shows as being produced by Night Train Limited.

I wanted that have little cards with the name of each wine on the table. It would have been fancy.

It turns out that a lot of these wines are no longer produced. See the email below that I received in 2018.

It seems that I had this idea a bit too late to actually hold such a party.