Bumpboxx Retro Pager

Electric Purple Bumpboxx Retro Pager

I ordered my Bumpboxx Retro Pager Bluetooth® Speaker from Amazon last week. I feel that the $89.00 USD price was a bit high, but I got it on credit, so it doesn’t hurt so bad. Also, paying that price is partially my fault. Had I bought it in black, it would have been $10 cheaper. Overall, I’m happy with it and its features. There are a few things I would have preferred, but that’s OK.


  • Micro USB Power Port
  • TF Card (Micro SD) Card for mp3 Files
  • Variety of color options
  • Belt Clip
  • Decent Sound
  • Flashlight


  • Pager Sound Effect when powering on (It’s maddening and cannot be disabled)
  • No Skip Button for mp3 Files (as far as I can tell)
  • No Random/Shuffle functionality for mp3 Files
  • FM Channel Scan is too fast (It would be near impossible to have enough time to recognize a song and stop the scan in enough time to actually stop on that channel)
  • Poor FM Reception
  • Button Placement (It’s relatively difficult to press the clip to insert into your pocket without pressing random buttons)

The likelihood that a user would actually utilize the card or the radio is low, I get it, but their low quality makes them near pointless. If you plan to use Bluetooth® only, you’re good.…

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It’s time for some tough love for some of you. Magical thinking is *dangerous*. Burn your bibles for fuck’s sake and find a science book. It’s all fake anyway, and it’s a threat to our very safety.

I refuse to live in a theocracy, and your excuses and rationalizations are PART. OF. THE. PROBLEM.

This is not a matter of my opinion vs. yours. This is a matter of me accepting that remarkable people who are smarter than both of us have clear and convincing answers about our world.

I’m not going to single out the evangelicals as a strategy to not piss off non-evangelicals. It’s ALL fake and if you identify as any denomination at all, you’re admitting to accepting some astonishingly embarrassing ignorance. Like cringe-worthy, unsettling nonsense.…