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Welcome to my personal wiki, the MediaWiki implementation with a whopping 14 articles (Cut me some slack, I just started this.) that hopefully only Kevin can edit!

Featured Article: Monster
We got our dog Monster on November 9, 2018. He is super smart and one of his favorite activities is fetch. This boy could fetch that ball until he collapsed.
Non-Wiki Website Sections
URL Description The social media reference landing page that should have all of Kevin's profiles. It's based on LittleLink and requires a bit of HTML and CSS knowldge. The WordPress implementation where Kevin blogs. Kevin has been using WordPress for well over ten years, though you wouldn't know it looking at the currently sparsely populated posts. The Vanilla Forum based community Kevin put together to promote engaging conversations on the web. My friend Ben tried to convince me to use Vanilla for a long time, and now I can see why.