Lewdie is a resident of DFW, Texas, who has a passion for gardening, New Wave music, and all things Hello Kitty. She spent part of her childhood in Tulsa, attended a local high school in Tulsa, and moved to Dallas in 1997.

In 2005, Lewdie met her husband Kevin on Independence Day at The Church Dallas. They started dating in 2006 and got engaged in 2009 at the Peppermill in Las Vegas. The couple currently resides in DFW, where Lewdie spends most of her time gardening.

Aside from gardening, Lewdie enjoys listening to New Wave music, with Deee-Lite and Gary Numan being some of her favorite bands. She also loves playing video games, with Animal Crossing being her favorite game on the Nintendo Switch.

Lewdie has an incredible collection of Hello Kitty products that she has been collecting for many years. Her love for this iconic character is evident in the Hello Kitty-themed items that decorate their home.

Lewdie is a devoted pet owner, with two cats named Felix and Bishop, a dog named Monster, and a turtle named Pepper, whom her mother rescued in an Oklahoma parking lot over 10 years ago.

With her many interests and hobbies, Lewdie is a dynamic and inspiring person. Her love for gardening, New Wave music, and Hello Kitty make her a unique individual.

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