May 23

Beyond Star Trek Beyond

For the record: Whatever the next Star Trek movie is, it will not be “Star Trek 4” FFS. It’s Star Trek 14. When we went to the free Star Trek event at the DMA, a pair of teenagers appeared to be on a date. The girl seemed to be trying to make small talk with the awkward young man. She said, “So… How many Star Trek movies are there?” I became excited and rudely blurted out “Thirteen!” He said, “I was going to say ‘three’. I forgot about the old ones.”

Enterprise - NCC-1701-A (Star Trek Beyond - 2016)
Enterprise – NCC-1701-A (Star Trek Beyond – 2016)


May 15

CompTIA Network+ Passed!

I got out of bed at 12:30 AM to study because I knew I wasn’t prepared. I studied from that point in the morning until I absolutely had to leave for my 8:30 AM exam. The proctor at the testing center could not connect with the Pearson VUE system. It took 30-45 minutes for them to get me ready. While taking the test I did not feel confident about my performance. I was certain I had failed my first exam. But I didn’t! Those early morning hours of cramming definitely made the difference between passing and failing. I have no doubt about it. I need to learn to stop procrastinating.

Bonus Achievement – UNLOCKED!

I never understood what Stackable Certifications from CompTIA or other vendors were. It surprised me to see that, after completing both A+ and Network+, I am now granted one – the status of CompTIA IT Operations Specialist. I don’t know what to think about that except that it probably can’t hurt on the résumé. Behold: