Oct 19

Moved to Melissa Lane

So sad to leave Dallas proper. Circumstances including budget dictated that we move to the ‘BURBS! No more condo – we now have a house. I’m forty years old and, for the first time in my entire life, I have a garage space for my car.

We’ve had the keys for exactly one week. It’s now all starting to sink in and I kinda wanna cry for leaving the city. But overall I’m happy and excited.

Come see the site for our new home!

Apr 06

Our First Home

It’s starting to come together. We broke our lease last month in order to purchase a nearby condo. We found out this week that someone already rented our apartment, so we’re not on the hook for seven months of unused lease. For the condo we didn’t even have to outbid anyone. We learned about it going up for sale before it hit the market.