Jun 11

Memolane.com Your Online Timeline

Memolane is a site that takes all of your activity from all of your social networking sites and compiles them into a timeline. They describe the service:

The Memolane timeline is your guide to your online life. It shows each of the moments you have created through your online services and presents them as individual memos on the day that they were made.

I love it when stuff like this is free.

Nov 02

Bad Milk

In the summer of 2005 I let a gallon of milk go bad. I was preparing to throw it away but since it wasn’t time to take out the trash and I didn’t want to stink up my apartment I put it back in the refrigerator.  I wrote a note on it with magic marker so no one would drink it.  Even though I lived alone I felt weird about leaving bad milk in the fridge.  The note read:

Bad Milk!  Do not drink!

Sometime later, I was out with friends and left my apartment unlocked.  While I was gone Les Zmolik and Jeff Bosarge came over looking for me. They let themselves into the apartment when no one answered their knocks at the door.  They saw I wasn’t there, hung out for a while,  and left a note for me about locking my door.  While going through my kitchen Jeff saw the milk and noticed the writing on it.  When he saw that it was a warning not to drink the milk he felt defiant and starting drinking straight from the jug.  My understanding is that later that night he vomited spoiled milk everywhere.

Now it’s going to drive me crazy until I find that note.