Sep 08

William Fichtner: Josh Casario And I Saw Him At Albertsons On Thursday

On Thursday Josh and I were in Albertsons walking from the Bank of America at the front towards the drug area.  We were walking across the store by all of the registers.  Suddenly I hear Josh mumbling something about “I see a famous guy.  A really famous guy is over there at the register.”  I thought he was talking about a cashier so I didn’t really pay attention.  After a moment I decided to look back to see what he meant and I made eye contact with this relatively famous actor.  I was like “Wow.  That’s really that guy.  That’s weird.”  Neither of us knew his name.  Apparently Josh made eye contact with him first and he said the guy got really uneasy as if to think “Crap.  I made it through the whole store without anyone bugging me and now that guy recognizes me.”  So we kept going and trying to mind our own business.  We told people about it all night but no one was entirely sure who we were talking about.  It didn’t help that we didn’t know his name.  We were like “Have you seen Contact?  He plays a blind guy in Contact.  No?  Have you seen Go?  He plays a naked cop with Amway… No?  OK, well… He’s pretty good and he’s been in a lot of stuff.”