Aug 27

Kevin While Drinking

Last night when I got home from having fun I must have been drunk, but I did not think that I was. It was kind of a blur and for some reason I was thinking that some people were on their way over. There was no reason for me to think this. I thought, I better go get into bed because these people may want to sleep, and if they do, they’ll want the couch. Again – no one was coming over and there was no indication from anyone that they were even considering it. I think I may have even left the door unlocked so the imaginary visitors could get in. So, I grabbed around the room at stuff that I thought I would want near me as I slept and threw them in the bed and promptly got in it. I had a dream that I was at Sunny and Matt’s house and that, even though I have never smoked cigarettes, I could take a huge freaking drag off of one and then exhale an unbelievable cloud of smoke in a breath that lasted forever. I awoke at sometime between 6 and 8 am sober and thinking that some people might actually be asleep in the living room. I got up and snuck into the living room to see if anyone was there. Nope. I then walked to the couch and lied down and immediately passed out. I then slept until around noon, which I never do anymore. I got up and kind of looked around a bit – still no one there. I couldn’t find the phone and thought it might be in the bed. I went to the bedroom to see if it was there. I didn’t see anything at first but then lifted to pillow to expose 1 cordless phone, 1 mobile phone, and 1 can of air freshener. I found this highly amusing.

Jul 11

Strange Dream

Last night I had a very strange dream that almost had an X-Files type feel to it.  I was at some kind of house or building and Michelle was there.  Someone walked past what appeared to be a bathroom and noticed blood all over the floor and counter.  It was a lot of blood.  Whoever that person was walked in the door through the bathroom and out another door and saw no body.  The blood appeared to be seeping out from within the wall cavity that was between me and the inside of the restroom.  We kept walking around and around but couldn’t tell.  So I called out for Michelle in a very Mulder/Scully way and alerted her that it looked like someone was in the wall.  On the outside of the wall in the main room were various storage cabinet doors.  So Michelle came in there and we began opening then closing all of the numerous doors to see if a body was shoved into the wall.  I specifically remember getting to some of the smaller compartments that were barely big enough for a couple of towels and opening those and then being relieved that nothing was in those either due to the condition that a body (or body part) would have to be in to fit.  I actually started laughing at that thought after discovering that it was empty.  Which is odd because I am the last person to find dismemberment and death amusing.  We never found the body and then the dream took a very bizarre bad movie twist.  Some people came in with pipes or guns or something seeming very threatening and some reference was made to the “last time” these trouble-makers came and bothered us.  We started fighting them and they started running away… and then strangely enough as they fled they robot-gobot transformed into a couple of motor cycles, complete with Transformers sound effects.  Then someone, possibly Michelle, cleverly noted that on the top of the motorcycles there was a digital battery charge gauge and that it was rapidly draining as these thug-bots escaped.  haha, she even said some cheesy cartoon-esque thing like “Hmmmm. Low Battery Life…!”  Like this was a foreboding clue to some impending plot twist.

At this point I’m pretty sure I was like “OK, what the hell?” and then it was over.