Jun 15

Lies About Orlando

Pat being Pat

Pat being Pat

The only thing I hate worse than senile ignorant right-wing televangelists is someone spreading LIES – especially about a tragedy. I will have a party the day Pat Robertson dies, but he did not say the Orlando nightclub shooting was God’s punishment for the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage. (I wouldn’t put it past him, but there is no evidence he said it… yet).

Snopes Article

Dec 09

Package Delivery Text Messages Even If You’re Not Expecting The Package

I found out today that you can sign up for UPS to send you text messages when a package is on the way – even if you don’t know the tracking number or are even expecting a delivery. Just based on your name and address they’ll send you a text when a package is coming. I decided to look and see if FedEx or USPS offer similar services. They do!

UPS My Choice

FedEx Delivery Manager