Aug 16

Video Adapter in Windows 10

My PCIe video adapter is not recognized by Windows 10. I mean it does not even SHOW UP. It’s not like it’s in the Device Manager with some confusion. It just doesn’t admit the thing is installed. I had to go back to onboard VGA.

Update: This had as much to do with my BIOS settings as it had to do with Windows 10. Shortly after upgrading to Win10, the computer would not wake from sleep. I thought it was related to the video drivers because so many people have mentioned related issues in the new version of Windows. I unplugged DVI (I don’t have an HDMI monitor yet) and went back to VGA to make the computer usable. Unbeknowst to me, this action caused the BIOS to switch back to onboard video because my VGA port is built in to the motherboard. After over a week of this I unplugged VGA, reconnected DVI and this caused the motherboard to revert once again to the video card. That in turn allowed the device to appear in the Device Manager. Only then could I update my drivers.

I hope this helps someone else having the same problem.