May 03

Suspended Disbelief: The Strange Times of Allen Falkner, the Founding Father of Body Suspension

It’s a night for alter egos. Even the venue, tucked a few steps away from the main streets of Deep Ellum, is using its second name. Tonight the Lizard Lounge is called The Church, and here the acolytes of the father of suspension have gathered.

Inside, the Freaks and Fetish party is in full swing. The wide range of fetish tastes are on display, including men dressed as schoolgirls and others wearing elaborate steam punk costumes. Dog muzzles are common, but more striking is a woman dressed as a feline being dragged around on a leash behind a man in business-casual attire.


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Apr 06

Our First Home

It’s starting to come together. We broke our lease last month in order to purchase a nearby condo. We found out this week that someone already rented our apartment, so we’re not on the hook for seven months of unused lease. For the condo we didn’t even have to outbid anyone. We learned about it going up for sale before it hit the market.


Dec 03

The Biggest Misunderstanding of My Life

In December of 2005 Whitney and I went to Matt’s & Sunny’s house for a game night. This was the first time Whitney had gone somewhere with the sole purpose of hanging out with us. Les was there, also. The plan was to play the game Cranium. I kept bragging that I had never lost at Cranium before and so I was going to win. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe Matt, Sunny and Les were on one team and Whitney and I were on the other team. As the game went on it became clear that I was probably going to lose.

Meanwhile, Matt and Les kept going off to the side, whispering and laughing. I started becoming visibly irritated. I thought they were making fun of Whitney because she was new to the group, but I just kept that to myself and grew angrier. To the others it looked as if I was extremely immature – becoming hostile about losing a board game.

The reason they were whispering and laughing was because of the purple clay that comes with Cranium. They had shaped it into something like a hamburger and were plotting to take a photo of it and of me losing the game and Photoshop the purple clay sculpture onto my head. Ultimately we did lose the game.

When Matt prepared to take the picture of me I was to my breaking point and advised him not to take the picture of me because I wasn’t in the mood. I’ll admit that, regardless of the reason, I was irrationally upset and aggressive. To them it still looked as if I was being an immensely bad sport about losing Cranium. He took the picture anyway. I stood up from my chair and charged at him. I had to pass Les to get to Matt. I remember Les backing away – having the most perplexed, astonished look I have ever seen him have. I yelled at Matt and, being totally uncertain of why I was acting like this, he kicked me out of the apartment. Sunny claimed that I was her guest, not his, and therefor he was not allowed to kick me out. Whitney and I left anyway.

Something happened on the way down to the car. Either I had forgotten something or wanted to clear the air with Matt. I can’t remember. I went back up to the apartment. Matt asked me what my problem was. Because Whitney was no longer in the room I felt comfortable explaining that I thought they were making fun of her. Matt excitedly clarified what he and Les were planning. Eventually, we both started laughing. I don’t think Les or Sunny were amused.

It was too late anyway. The night had been tainted and I still left with Whitney. She was very puzzled about what happened and not exactly thrilled with my behavior, but all I could tell her was that it was a huge misunderstanding.

I believe I still have the picture of me with the very unhappy face. I’m going to try very hard to find it tonight.