My Genographic 2.0 vs. 23andMe DNA Reports

I notice that my two reports from competing DNA reports, Genographic 2.0 and 23andMe seemed to disagree with one another. Genographic 2.0 indicates 17% Southwest Asian, but 23andMe makes no mention whatsoever of any Asian. I assumed this confusion was due to a lack of understanding on my part, so I tweeted to the head of both projects to see if they could help clarify the results for me.

Luckily, Spencer Wells at (formerly at?) Genographic 2.0 replied almost immediately, referring me to a colleague of his, Razib Khan, who replied over three tweets.

using different methods and reference populations to make the judgment. way 2 think about is algorithm is asked question and returns result algorithms are being asked diff questions. basically depending on how you configure it northern europeans can have affinities with w asians or they do not. the underlying genetic patterns are the same, but the way u collapse variation for human presentation differs

It’s probably frustrating to understand a complex topic so thoroughly and not have a super simple way of conveying an idea to a layperson!

Genographic 2.0