More About Caryn

In August of 2005 I learned from someone, I forget who, that Caryn had died. This upset me because I liked Caryn. Many people didn’t – with good reason. I didn’t know it at the time but when I got this information it was almost exactly 4 years old. She had died in late August of 2001. When I asked around everyone seemed to know and just assumed that I already knew. I obviously didn’t.

Caryn was a very young woman addicted to heroin and had two kids that she more or less neglected – her mom took care of them. She sent cards and made phone calls around birthdays and holidays but frequently was virtually homeless and listless.

I went 4 years without knowing she was gone and went almost another 4 years before learning the truth. The last time I saw her was probably mid 2000.

On this past Monday, January 12, 2009 I was watching a DVR recording of “The Investigators” which was mildly interesting because the subject matter was a bunch of shitty gutter goths, 2 of which had supposedly murdered someone, but the identity, existence, or death of this person could not be established – there was no body. I was 45 minutes into a 1 hour episode when the show explained that the police finally got 1 piece of usable information out of the suspects – her Yahoo! user ID. I immediately recognized it as Caryn’s. This woke me up. They then started showing pictures of her. It was definitely her.

Apparently not long after her Dallas friends last saw her she moved to New Orleans. She drifted around aimlessly as usual and eventually ended up staying on the couch of two worthess patio freaks who for whatever reason decided to smother her to death, wrap her in trashbags, and place her body into a dumpster. The men occasionally bragged about this but apparently no one took them seriously.

Months later one of the men was arrested with an unrelated man in the case of an attempted homicide. One of them had stabbed a man 14 times but the victim survived and identified both of them. The lesser of the two suspects explained to police that he had not known about plans to stab the victim and then gave up details about an alleged murder perpetrated by the main suspect. So 4 months later they are tracking down a murder victim’s identity with no body and only 2 pieces of information:

A Name: Lydia
An Origin: Texas

This was practically worthless to police because her name is not Lydia and Texas is large. They actually figured out her true identity and determined that no one had heard from her in months. With this information, some half-assed confessions, and little more they convicted two men of murder.

Caryn has still never been found because so much time had passed between her death and the investigation.

Even if you knew her and had less than terrific feelings about her I hope you can admit that this is not fair to her.

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